All trips begin and end in Portland, Oregon, USA unless otherwise noted. We don’t have a lot of rules here at The Traveling Ewe (we find too many get in the way of the FUN!) but there are a few:

  1. We plan our tours months in advance and are constantly working to improve them. There are times when the itinerary has to change for us to continue to provide you with a superior experience. Thank you for your understanding.
  2. We are unable to offer refunds if our trips are cancelled for reasons beyond our control, such as extreme weather or other circumstances.
  3. Behavior Unbecoming a Knitter is to be avoided. We know that all the pretty yarn is super exciting, but please remember to use your inside voices, do not stampede the shops, and be kind, understanding, and courteous to the staff (even when you have to wait for your turn to get help finding what you are looking for or purchase your yarn).  It does make transactions go so much quicker if you are able to pay with cash, so consider stopping at an ATM on the way to meet the coach in the morning. If you have a hard time following this rule, we reserve the right to not ask you to join us again.
  4. While we want everyone to have the best day possible, we do have to accommodate a lot of people’s needs and desires to make that happen and sometimes we have to work towards a happy medium. Towards that end, please listen to your lovely tour guide’s instructions and follow them. For instance, when it’s time to go, please gather up your belongings and head for the bus without dawdling.  We will give you a 15 minute warning prior to departure so you can hit the potty or the cash register as needed. We will be leaving for our adventure on time, and will be unable to hold the coach for late arrivals as it would jeopardize the entire days schedule. No refunds will be issued if you miss the bus, but you would be welcome to drive yourself along our itinerary if you would like and participate that way. If you miss the bus during our tour (return times are always clearly stated) you will be responsible for your own transportation to the next location.
  5. We have worked very hard to create a fun but safe day for everyone involved. Please wear comfortable clothing and walking shoes.  Sunscreen, bug spray, and anti-bacterial gel would be great things to pop in your knitting bag with your current project for the day.  However, if you were to make some choices during our trip that resulted in you or someone else getting injured or hurt, we expect you to step up and be responsible for that and not hold us liable.
  6. Tickets are non-refundable, but are transferrable, so if you are sadly not able to join us after purchasing your ticket, you would be able to give or sell your ticket to someone else to enjoy.
  7. If you require any special accommodations, please let us know as far in advance as possible so we can make your trip as comfortable and easy as we can for you.
  8. If we do not meet our minimum required participants, it is possible we will unfortunately need to cancel the trip. If that happens, we will refund all monies paid.
  9. Have a FABULOUS time!  And then go home and tell your entire knitting group, all your friends and some of your relatives (only the cool ones you actually like) about it!